This is a demonstration of map construction for the Ultima Online client, featuring approximately 400 scenes from a variety of themes and styles that focus on pushing the client’s capabilities to the maximum.
For a game client that was created in the late 90's, a lot of forward thought was put into creating something flexible: a highly advanced isometric engine with rudimentary 3D terrain and a Z-axis for displaying static artwork. It is an excellent example of 2.5D, allowing for easy construction of beautiful environments that are complex and impressive without feeling empty. The lego-like approach to building structures and environments allows for a rapid game area creation process as well as quick testing for an efficient production pipeline.
This is a showcase of my work in creating new environments. It represents my passion for creating beautiful and living worlds. It’s not just a walkable map, it is the central stage to the players’ stories, adventures and exploration.
These custom maps were created with a combination of UO Landscaper (BMP to map terrain renderer) and CentrED (run time terrain and static editor). The screenshots are taken from the actual client which was connected to a RunUO server emulator.
Screenshots are sorted into themed sets. Select a set in the interface below and use the left and right buttons to flip between sets. The "Load Set" button will load the image viewer interface. Alternatively, you can jump directly to an image using the drop-down box.
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